How do ultrawide monitors boost productivity

There are various ultrawide monitors which are available and people inspite of the fact that these are more expensive, do not mind purchasing an ultrawide monitor. There are different reasons for it.
a) When you have an ultra wide monitor you get the benefits of using even up to 3 different monitors. You get good horizontal real estate, you are able to keep multiple windows as well as multiple applications possible, you are able to clean up the mess of the various tangled cables and in short it helps you also in addition to these various aesthetics to be more productive.
b) These appeal to different people’s working style as not everyone like to have their windows hidden behind the other and unable to see the full screen.
c) When you go in for a monitor ultrawide from using 2-3 simultaneous monitors, you will find that the cross platform styles are not cramped. These have HDMI ports that are dual, there is a single displayPort and dual ports for thunderbolt which is at the rear. Therefore, if you want you are still able to connect another computer to it.
d) These allow you to charge mobile devices as it has dual USB 3.0 ports.
e) You can use a headphone jack if you want to listen privately and there are built in speakers as well
f) The best ultrawide monitor allows you to get more organized.
The only disadvantage as per some ultrawide monitor reviews given on are that the user misses moving between displays or snapping to the interior bezels or sometimes they miss looking from the primary to secondary when they are reading a webpage or playing games or chcking mail or chatting while they are playing. However, that is not a problem specific to an ultrawide monitor but due to the fact that it is a single monitor.

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